Saturday, 19 March 2011

Once A Dreamer

Have you ever had dreams?

Like those from your childhood, when you dreamt you could be a superhero saving the world. Like those from your adolescence, when you dreamt of being to coolest kid in school. Like those from your adulthood, when you dreamt that you could just be a better person.

I was once a dreamer, embracing dreams in hopes that one day they will come true. Living life as it was because I knew that whatever else happened, I still had my dreams. That nothing in the world mattered because I lived in the world of my dreams.

I was once a dreamer, till one day I realised that dreams are not enough to defeat reality. Realised that the world I live in is the real world, not the world of my dreams. For dreams alone are not good enough in real life.

I was once a dreamer, till I gave up simply dreaming because dreaming alone is not enough for anybody.

I was once just a dreamer, now I turn my dreams into reality.

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