Thursday, 24 March 2011

Art: Crash - Durarara!! Wallpaper

As I continue on with the expose of my life, I'll begin with my first anime wallpaper post. Given that this is my first post about anime wallpapers, I should type out a bit of background to my Photoshop-ing past.

I've been Photoshop anime-related images for about 5-6 years now. It first started with just making simple web banners and signatures for a forum I used to frequent back in the day, back when I simply extracted stock images using the magic wand tool and pasted them onto filter spam backgrounds. Humble beginnings much. Eventually I ventured into the realm of making composite anime wallpapers, stumbling upon the amazing website,

Recently, I've been dwelling with the wonderful world of vector graphics, vector tracing and Adobe Illustrator. It's really amazing what one can do with vector graphics. Since most anime art is drawn in a style easily mimicked by vector graphics, vector tracing really opens up a lot of restrictions since vectors can be resized to any arbitrary size I want without any loss of detail. And for those who are wondering, the huge anime picture staring you in the face at the top of the blog is one of my older works.

Now onto this specific wallpaper. The underlying concept of this wallpaper is essentially an attempt to mimic a movie poster. Specifically, I was trying to sort of spoof the movie "Crash". Those of you who are familiar with the anime Durarara!! will be able to immediately draw the link between the anime and the movie. For those who are not in tune with the anime universe, quite a bit of context will be redoubtably loss.

I don't really want to talk too much about the wallpaper. I'll just let it do the talking for itself. In the future, I hope to be able to post all my future projects on this blog. For those who may be interested to see some of my older works, I have a deviantArt account at as well as an account at Do pay me a visit if you have the time =D

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