Friday, 15 April 2011

A Personal Tradition

Today was the last day of the semester, which means today I put on my last day of semester clothes. Now what the heck does that mean? To put it into perspective, last semester I wore a beret, my Lion Heart necklace, a short sleeve shirt, a skinny tie, black jeans and sneakers. This semester I decided to kick it up a notch.

So this time around, I walked into my first lecture wearing a white fedora hat, a white long sleeve shirt, a black velvet vest, a black skinny tie, black working pants and black leather shoes. To say the least, it was a surprise for all my friends in the lecture hall (and the lecturer himself). And such was the rest of my day. Every time I passed by someone I knew, they would give me the 'woah' look and ask me what the occasion was, to which I always replied, "They're my last day of semester clothes =D".

So what is the point of this celebration of the last day of the semester? Well, for one, it's to mark the last official day of the semester in which have to go to uni (save exam days). Other than that, it's my personal excuse to crack out my good clothes because I always found it a waste to have nice clothes in my wardrobe but never actually having the chance to wear them. Perhaps I also take a little inspiration from a friend of mine who used to dress up practically EVERY SINGLE DAY last semester. And maybe, just a little, I want to make my daily life a little more special than usual.

Then again, what's wrong with dressing up and looking good for no reason every once in a while =D

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